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Bamboo Charcoal Face Mask

Bamboo Charcoal Face Mask

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A skincare product called Bamboo Charcoal Face Mask with glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, rose petal, Lavandula flower petal, rosa rugosa flower extract, and Panax ginseng powder is formulated to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize the face. It also contains ginseng powder. While the glycerin and sodium hyaluronate in the mask work to moisturize and nourish the face, the activated bamboo charcoal in the mask helps to draw out impurities and excess oil from the skin.

Rose petals, Lavandula flower petals, rosa rugosa flower extract, and Panax ginseng powder are some of the natural elements that are included in the mask. These compounds help to nourish and soothe the face, which ultimately results in the skin appear brighter and younger.

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